Hangman challenge

Hangman challenge Developing a simple game seems one of the best exercises when learning javascript – or any programming language in general. That may be because on top of being engaging and allowing you to see the results almost right away, it’s simply fun playing! Among such training games there are for instance rock-paper-scissors, hangman, […]

Stuff the staff with knowledge

Stuff the staff with knowledge Internal trainings are often quite an effective way of raising team members’ skills and knowledge and they are pretty cost-effective too.All they require is one semi-knowledgeable person and several others desiring self-improvement. It is, however, important to remember several key details: It is generally more difficult to focus for extended […]

meet js summit 2018

meet.js summit 2018 Since meet.js summit 2018 took place in Poznań, it would have been a shame not to attend this event. We decided to to seize this opportunity to acquire knowledge and expose ourselves to highly motivated environment. Let’s get inspired!